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Seven Senses - The exceptional, top restaurant in Salzburg

An exceptional place. An extraordinary rooftop terrace.

The location, the view, the ambiance - we are talking about the old stone terrace in Salzburg - have always been called superlative. Some call it legendary and breathtaking. As of now, there are probably many other adjectives that can be added. With the opening of Seven Senses, the history of this legend is being rewritten. Cool rooftop bar, cozy lounge, and a stylish, top restaurant above the roofs of the city of Salzburg - this is Seven Senses. Actually, it is more, much more. It is a lifestyle and a location that entice the senses…

Seven Senses is luxury in its most relaxed form

The incomparable city of Salzburg provides the setting and characterizes the ambiance. With an ambitious and very service-oriented concept, the restaurant has succeeded in preserving the legacy of the legendary terrace and creating something completely new at the same time. Modern design and an airy transparence. Specially made Venetian glass art and high-quality materials such as brass, fine leather, and sophisticated fabrics. Exquisite tableware, fine crystal on the bar counter, and table settings that are worth a visit just in themselves - everything that is good and beautiful has its place here. It is a location that is one-of-a-kind in Salzburg.